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How? Man, please. You… This is my work. You worry about your house. Nothing will happen. Everything will be fine. And I will call you myself. Fine? Hamza, how will everything be fine? Your family has refused. And mother was just asking me about that architect. I don’t think I will be able to wait for so long. It will take some time, Dilnasheen. I promise. Everything will be fine. And I love you so much. Please, trust me. I love you too. But, I… What kinds of dramas girls do to make their parents fool! Who was he? Rida’s brother. Hamza. Give me the phone. 

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Give me the phone. As soon as Yawar comes, I will say yes to Haider’s family. Mother, no. Please don’t do this. Please. He will bring his family. Those people will not come. Why will people like them come to our house? If Haider’s proposal can come then why not his? And… Please. Please you just wait for a while. Give me some time. Boys like him make girls wait and get married to their parent’s choice. And loss is of girls only. Mother, he has promised me. He said his family will come. And they will ask my hand for marriage themselves. Mother, please.

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 Wait for a while. Wait for some time. I will not wait. Haider’s mother will call to ask about out reply. If those people come before that, then fine. Otherwise I will say yes. Mother, please. Mother don’t do this. Mother? Mother? How will he contact me? Mother don’t snatch this mobile from me? Shameless. Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna All Episodes 1 To 109.He should contact us. Not you. Mother, please. Mother, don’t do this oppression. Mother. Please. Mother? It is night time. Where has this boy gone? His phone is also turned off. I will call your father. One minute. Yes, speak? Hello, Sadiq? It is night time, Hamza didn’t return. I am getting so worried. Please, you inquire. Really? I was thinking he is angry temporarily and he will return by the evening? But… You do one thing. You call his friends. 

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I… I will inquire through tracker. Okay, I will do. And you also try. Please. Hi. Did you get to know anything? No. I didn’t got to know anything. Where has he gone? He is not with any friend as well. What do the people from tracker say? Car is found empty near the sea. Oh Allah! Has he harmed himself? No. Allah will do the best! We… We can ask Dilnasheen too. Yes. So call her? Call her. Her number is powered off. Do you know her house? Yes, father. Come with me. Let’s go. You people go. I will go bring my phone. Okay? Okay. Hello, brother Yawar. Hello. They are my parents. We want to meet Dilnasheen. Is she at home? Yes, yes. She definitely is. Come. Come. Come. Mother, they are Rida’s parents. They have come to meet Dilnasheen. Why are you standing, sir? You please sit. Have a seat. You also sit.Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna All Episodes 1 To 109

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 I don’t understand what is the reason to refuse this proposal? Sister-in-law, I… Dilnasheen? Come downstairs, your friend Rida has come. Come downstairs. I will tell you my answer. Yes, sir. What will you take? My son. Sorry? Hello. I guess you didn’t hear properly. I want my son. Your son? Yes, our son. You ask your sister where is our son right now? My sister? Yes, your sister. No. Why would my sister know where your son is? Because your sister is having an affair with my son. What do you mean? We don’t know. You know about your intentions. What are you trying to say? We want to say that we can’t get our only son married to your sister. Therefore, please tell your sister, that stop chasing our son. She is continuously provoking our son.Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna All Episodes 1 To 109. He is a man. A man can do anything. And its the duty of the respectable families to control their daughters. Do you people even realize, what you are saying? I don’t understand anything. 

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Nothing at all. Our son was talking about marrying Dilnasheen in the morning. Many of her proposals are coming. After that he left the house angrily. And in the night, his car is found in a deserted and desolated place. On the seaside. We don’t know where has he gone? We have come to ask your sister what did they talk about last time? She must be aware, that where is he. We are so worried. We have thousands of threats. If we involved the police, then your sister’s name will be involved too. That’s why ask her clearly where is our son. We are so worried. We are having weird suspicions. Please, Dilnasheen. Tell us where is our son? See, you must have had some misunderstanding. Misunderstanding? One minute. One minute. From where did you get this watch? You gifted her this. I didn’t gifted her. This is also a news for me. Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna All Episodes 1 To 109.

Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna All Episodes

Don’t panic. This is my son’s watch. That’s what I have been thinking so far, she has been borrowing my daughter’s clothes. But I didn’t know that my son is giving her expensive gifts since a year. No, aunty. I swear. This was the first gift that I took. See, child. One can’t forcefully become someone’s daughter-in-law. You stop yourself here. We will make him understand. And please tell us where is he? We have thousands of enemies. If you will tell us, we will be satisfied. I don’t know. If you think that I will say yes for both of your wedding by blackmailing us, so this is a huge misunderstanding of yours. Look. We gave you a lot of love. Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna All Episodes 1 To 109.

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We gave you respect like daughters. Why are you doing all of this to us? Aunty, I am speaking the truth I don’t know anything. You know everything. You plan for every moment with him. Here, you get the proposal and there he gets the news. Hey, you have this much courage to make him stand in front of his parents. Bu you can’t tell us. Tell me, what did you talk to him in the morning? In the morning, just… He just said that, you people are not agreeing for the proposal, and that he will call me himself. I think what you people came to ask about, you people have asked. Now, you can leave. We cannot bear any more humiliation than this. Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna All Episodes 1 To 109.

 prevent yourself from such humiliation, daughters should be raised well in the house. Please. I don’t like to come to anyone’s house this way either. But remember one thing. My son is my precious asset. If something happens to him, then I can go to any extent. That’s why pray for good news. Otherwise we will meet, then. Keep quiet. Brother? Yawar? What are you doing? Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna All Episodes 1 To 109.